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Dress: A gift from my mother//Boots: Betsey Johnson//Earrings: Passing Through

You guys, I am so tired. So very tired. Between work and hunting for different work and rehearsing for my dance piece on Saturday, and taking one of my dogs for an emergency vet visit, I've had no time for me, which is something that I am very against. Rest is important, hence why I am looking back to the pictures my husband and I took in the beautiful field near our home during golden hour. Photographing before a sunset always makes me feel at ease. These long days make the jitters of a working girl fade into the background. Even though summer is not my favorite season (the heat! the humidity!) I must admit that the longer daylight is an amazing tonic for life's ailments.

But about this dress. My husband says I should wear it more and it's a shame that I've only donned it less times than I can count on my fingers. It was a random item my mother found in an Indian clothing store in Palo Alto, California, where my father lives. My mother said it was perfect for me so there it was, hanging in my closet, waiting for summer breezes to whoosh the skirt from one end of the field to another. When I put it on, I knew this dress was begging for fields, sunsets, clear days, picnics even. It craves light winds to rustle the ruffles and loves the soft glow of a sun about to retire for the evening.

I know I have mentioned how blessed I am to have nature around me in my city life, but really, I am so very blessed. I mean, look at these rolling fields. Tall grasses, whatever those almost flower looking grass things are, and fluffy clouds in the brightest of skies. With the light roar of a train in the near distance and fireflies preparing for their grand evening debut like dancers on opening night, I felt for the first time this month like it was really, truly summer.

P.S. If you've ever wondered how to style lace up combat boots with a feminine maxi dress for summer, now you know. Hah.

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