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5 reasons why thrifting is better than the mall

5 reasons why thrifting is better than the mall

5 reasons why thrifting is better than the mall

5 reasons why thrifting is better than the mall

Dress: Fossil// Tank: H&M// Socks: Free People// Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Necklace: Street Scene Vintage// Rose: Farmer's Market

This dress (by Fossil!) is actually a thrift store find for $3. It's not perfect - it fits a little funny in the chest and the hem stays turned up, but it's imperfection is why it's perfect for me. I love the way it hangs, the way the wind causes the hem to drift ever so slightly. I love how it can be worn with flats, ankle boots, tights, and sweaters. I love how easy it is to style. And I always get compliments when I wear it. Being that several of my wardrobe staples are thrifted pieces, I decided it was time to share why thrifting is my preferred way of shopping. All cost benefits aside, here are 5 little reasons why I get joy from thrifting.

Finding something unique: At a thrift store I find items that feel like they were uniquely made for me. Of course, it’s possible that many other people have the same dress, but in the moment between you and your thrifted piece, there is only one. I like to feel like I have something different.

Quantity control: I don’t like to have overstuffed closets bursting with a dozen sweaters and 40 dresses. I hate feeling like I am lost in a sea of garments trying to decide what to wear. Because so often thrifting means leaving with nothing, I only bring home items that made my eyes grow into saucers and gleam like the moon. Some of my favorite clothes came from the Goodwill.

Finding what I like vs what is trendy: It’s 2015. Why do trends still matter? Honestly, they’re a little overwhelming…Forever 21 and H&M pull in new trends each week. Each week, people! It really seems like a waste to give your valuable time to clothing you don’t love just because a magazine or blog said you should wear it! You don’t have to wear crop tops or wideleg pants if skinnies and tunics are your preferred go to outfit. Wear what you want and wear it with confidence. When thrift shopping, you get clothes from all sorts of trends long gone (and by long gone it really could have been last spring - or earlier). However, when you find something at a thrift store that you like, you're buying it because you really like it

A lesson in patience: You honestly leave with nothing most of the time. This is ok and even encouraged. Buying something just because it’s cheap is always a waste of your money. However, when you find an item that you love, it feels all the more special.

A respect for reusing: Everything at the thrift store has been worn by other bodies who determined the item was not a love match. Instead of contributing to the tons of textiles clogging landfills, we reuse, recycle, and reduce environmental strain.

What about you? Do love or hate thrifting? Do you have any thrifting tips you would like to share with us? I would love the hear your thoughts.

Photos of me taken by my husband who is trying to learn the camera. All other photos taken by me.

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