Sunset Dancer | A Rose in Bloom

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Bought years ago
Boots: Betsey Johnson
Bracelets: NA

I've said it before, but summer is not my favorite season. I hate mosquitoes licking their chops and webs being in places I want to walk thought and water lingering in the air preventing clear nasal passages. I want to walk in the woods without worry of stepping on a snake or being bitten by an array of tiny creatures with fluttering wings.

But there is just something so special about a summer sunset after the rain. Despite the sweat trickling down my neck into the streams, I can't help but feel that maybe summer is not so bad after all. I see the butterflies flitting through fields and honeybees peacefully gathering for the winter to come and I know that summer, for all it's faults, is not so bad after all.

So here I am, back in my special quiet place by myself, dancing, running, catching the sun's rays as they leak through the trees in spotlights before going to bed. I begin to believe that these spotlights are left just for me to dance in and my life is like it once was when I was a ballerina. This time, nature is my stage and the creatures are my audience. It all sounds really silly, but with my camera and my eyes and my legs in tow, everything feels right in the world. Autumn can wait just a little while longer. As long as there are butterflies and tiny bees and a stream gurgling like a newborn infant within my reach, summer is not so bad.

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