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We all have things that just make us feel good. I'll be honest - I have only recently really cared about beauty products. I've always thought makeup was for fun, but I was just as comfortable going out in my own skin. Until I got my first grey hair. Then I began to over criticize, hyper analyze, and over think my appearance. The carefree girl who would wear her best dress and heels with a clean, free face died. But now, I want that girl back. At the same time however, I have learned that I really enjoy having a natural beauty routine. A routine that makes me cherish being a woman and enjoy taking care of myself. Actually, what I've learned is that, when I take the time for it, the beautifying experience is something I really love.

 Let me live in a dreamworld filled with experiences that makes us feel loved, that make us feel beautiful. If we are going to live in the world, let's make it a heaven. Here are some ways to transform a daily routine into your own little prayer filled dream.

Create a special time to love yourself and beautify that atmosphere. For me, this time is right when I wake up and right before bed. The day's awakening is so much better when you know you are about to receive a wellness gift. Likewise, activities such as moisturizing are also a wonderful way to unwind as I slip under the covers. A good scent will also help you feel clearer and peaceful, so slather up in your favorite oils (see below) and light some incense.

Choose tools you love. I have two beautiful hair combs (one of which is great for scalp massages) that I use regularly as well as a wooden body brush for dry brushing. I find that when I love the tools, I am more likely to use them. For this reason, I am also consider painting designs on my dry brush.

Use oils - for everything. It feels heavenly because it is heavenly. Once a week I douse my hair in coconut oil and relish that sweet scent. It fills my nostrils with sweetness and my heart has instantly left for a tropic vacation. But it doesn't stop there. No, I also use oils to remove makeup (when I choose to wear it), moisturize my hands and legs, and tone down my frizzy hair. The best part about oils is they are multi purpose - "hair" oils can be used on your nails or to massage your sore legs. In fact, most oils can be used on the skin or hair.
How do you make your beauty rituals unique?

Stay beautiful,


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