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how to style a navy dress with black shoes

Dearest Friends,

If there is one thing you may have learned about me, it's that I don't really have a love of rules. I don't believe in letting anyone tell you what to wear or how to wear it (unless we are talking about dad socks and Birks... please don't... /hypocrite). Don't tell me what colors to mix and match, and please do not tell me what to wear for my figure. Who decided we were all fruits, anyway?

how to style a navy dress with black accessories
how to style navy and black together

how to wear navy and black in the same outfit

That said, it's really not a surprise that I've been wanting to showcase this piece of art for quite sometime - I just haven't had a good reason to wear it. Except, you don't really need a reason, now do you? So on a warmer day just before Christmas, I donned this gem and began to accessorize in a fury of favorites young and old when I realized I owned all the wrong things to "match" this dainty frock. Whatever was my heart to do? Cast this dress into the imprisoned shadows of my closet until I accrued a grey or tan ensemble to match? I say not a chance. I want to treasure this dress now.

Let me note I know you are not supposed to wear black and blue together. Supposedly it's some big deal, but I don't wear brown/tan often because I don't like how it looks on me, and I didn't have any grey hats, and, as mentioned above, I really don't care for rules. It's not like I am going to rush out and buy an accessory just to wear one item. Nope.

So here we are, and I have no regrets. Yes, black and blue can look a little odd at times, but since this dress wasn't too dark, I think it turned out rather nicely. Furthermore, it helps to break up the colors. In my case, my bare legs broke up the dress and shoes, whilst my silver necklace placed a divide between my dress and hat. In the end, I was happy with my result.* We could all use a little break from the rules sometimes.
how to style black shoes with a navy dress
Stay beautiful,



*Though perhaps I should own an iron? #adultingproblems
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