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I really can't decide if I like the effect of these outfit pictures, which is why I only included a few of them. Part of me loves the light, airy, golden hues of the new sun... the other part of me loves higher contrast. I guess there is room for everything in this life, right?

Anyway, it's Labor Day weekend! It's time for the last swim, the (near) end of grilling season (not that I have a grill), and one more late night Sonic milkshake before kicking summer to the curb and letting the leaves get crispy and crackle as the wind whips them to and fro. Did you make a summer bucket list or even just have some summer goals in mind? If so, review the list and fulfill anything you haven't yet done. Take that picnic, pick the last of the flowers. Maybe even dry some of them for those bleary winter days up ahead! Make sure to wring those last drops of summer out before focusing on your fall to do list. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let me see, what all did I get done?

According to my list (you can review it here), I actually accomplished most of these things.

Swim at least 3x weekly: This did not happen. The pool on my side of the apartment was ridiculously cold. As in, almost painful. For this reason, we only swam a handful of times.

Dance in the rain: Yep, though it was not in the same way that I thought I would. A friend of mine choreographed a dance to promote water conservation for a festival. The festival was rained out, but we did record the video of us dancing so she could send it to the association. Of course it poured rain as soon as we began filming but we kept going. It counts.

Go on a real picnic: I should have done this. I really should have. Turns out my husband is a bug magnet and allergic to the entire state of Kentucky, so it just wouldn't have been fun. I guess I could have done it alone but... nah.

Take a midnight stroll downtown: Yep, I did this here and accomplished some of my favorite photography to date.

Spend 24 hours barefoot: To be accomplished this weekend, as much as possible. Having dogs does mean wearing shoes for potty breaks.

Go vegan for a day: I went vegan several days this summer. While it's not a lifestyle I would permanently choose, I do think it was a good challenge and I proved to myself that I can be satisfied with a completely plant based diet. It's a million times easier than you think.

Pick wildflowers: All the time. Wildflowers were in our home on and off all summer.

Photograph a sunset: As you can see, that worked out. :)

Look up more: I accomplished this all summer and gave the subject it's own special post here.

Practice stepping light: Oh yes. When I photographing How to Wear a Cloche Hat, I almost stepped on a snake. Did I think twice about each step in nature ever since? You betcha.

Other accomplishments to note: I've really experimented with photography this summer and had both amazing and horrible results. I am proud of each shot pretty enough to hang on a wall and each one that broke my heart with a hard learned lesson. I also realized that this year I have purchased almost no clothing! That's right; everything you have seen on this blog has been reused and restyled. My wallet thanks me. I've also learned to accept my hair as it is in the summer. As you can tell from today's pictures, my hair frizzes in the humidity. I used to fight it, now I just deal with it. A carefree me is a happier me.

Did you accomplish your summer bucket list or any goals you may have had?



  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer. The only thing I did that I really wanted to do was go to the beach... twice. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

  2. Normally I am one to favor photos with higher contrast as well, but I really like these! They have kind of an ethereal feel to them. Awesome sunset shot, too! I love when you can see the defined rays of the sun in photos.

    I never made a bucket list or anything for this winter, but one thing I did notice that I stuck to for a good 2 months or more was drinking hot lemon water in every morning. In fact, I am drinking some right now! I'm trying to make small, healthy changes in my diet, so I would say for the upcoming season that will be one of my stick to that and to make even more healthy changes!

    xx Chrystin

  3. I loved this post! The pictures are so beautiful and wow.. actually I never thought of making a summer bucket list, I do have a general bucket list though but admittedly, with anything other than that, I'm really not too big on lists.. ^^;
    Though, kudos to you for accomplishing most of the things on your list!

    Btw: I just nominated you for the Liebster Award, feel free to check out my post on this if you wanna know more :)
    I'd be happy & curious if you would participate! ^^


  4. Looking majestically beautiful as always Liz! I love that you are so unique, true and naturally "you". It makes you so very special and treasured in the blogosphere. It's hard to sometimes find bloggers who are their own souls, spirits and voices but you are 100% and that's one of the many reasons why you and your blog are so damn awesome. Really love your blog, it's a rare, precious find! Loving your boho skirt, it's gorgeous, as is that stunning sunset. <3

    I'm so gutted the summer is dying away :( I think I'm trying to kid myself and pretend it's gonna carry on forever ;) Hope you've enjoyed Labor Day weekend, and so many great summer aims to hit, it's great you already accomplished the sunset and a midnight stroll downtown sounds truly magical xo

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. great post :) kisses!

  6. It's wonderful how much you accomplished! All of your goals are amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. Charming,so fashion,I like this type clothes.

  8. You have made a great to-do list, I'm glad that most of them already complied. I've still never tried this but you're inspired me to do this! Thanks. Its to bad that I work at UK Top Writers too much every summer! But I must do something with it!


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