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Only if For a Night

You've all been waiting in suspense for part II, right? Or maybe not. Either way, let's say I was pretty darn proud of some of the things I came up with this year. Next week, or maybe even Friday, I hope to round up my favorite 2014 photos too. A little late never hurt anyone.

Holy smokes you guys, I am realizing I definitely had more fun summer outfits to share than fall/winter, and that makes me sad. I love fall and winter, yet even without snow it has been just so. Dang. Cold. I feel like my fingers are going to break off. Nonetheless though, I am going to be figuring something out soon for these winter styles. I have really wanted to share many cute outfits with you, but it's hard when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Nonetheless, I promise new stuff this week.

We are Nowhere and It's Now

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Slow It Down

Celebrity Skin

The Aha Factor

Stay Gold

She Talks to Angels



Rock n Roll

What was your favorite style in 2014? Did you let your feminine self fly with lace, or did you keep it real with tomboy ripped jeans and trusty sneakers? I honestly found myself all over the place. Whatever your preferred style, let me know! Cheers to 2015 guys!


  1. My style can is pretty much all over the place too----it really depends on my mood. I have to dress for my mood, and every day I feel different! "Only if for a Night", "She Talks to Angels","Plainsong" and "Rock n Roll" are my favorite looks of yours.

    Happy New Year's!!! What are your plans for the night/day? We're staying in tonight and cooking homemade mexican food! I'm pretty excited to stay in and take it easy since we've been running all over the past week and it's raining today (it never rains here, in AZ)!

    1. Thanks, those are actually some of my very favorite looks too. I also dress more for mood than anything else. It's why I can never do a 40 piece minimal closet - too many moods!

      I am staying in and having Cuban food for New Years... yummy! Coincidence is funny. I have been craving empanadas for dayyyyys so I need a Latin fix. I really need to make them myself as good ones can be hard to find in the States. :(

  2. I love your outfits! You have a very unique sense of style and I really love that! All of these are fantastic! Totally want to steal that purple top in the second picture! :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Enjoyed seeing a roundup of some of your outfits from the year! I'm especially loving the July one on the train tracks! Hope you had a wonderful start to your year :).

    xo, Serli


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