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A Very Sunny New Year

2014 was probably one of the best years of my adult life. Truly, even though we had almost no money and things were really tight, somehow we managed to make the things we love most happen. I learned to be happy with the little things in life and to savor experiences over possessions. A lack of funds definitely didn't affect my wardrobe either - I thrifted a lot, used sales and coupons, and, most importantly, learned to re-create outfits with what I already had. Mixing and matching is my new favorite tool. Think about it: I am so blessed to have pieces that I love to wear. Pieces that make me smile when I get dressed in the morning. In fact, for the time being I have stopped buying clothes altogether... I don't need anything with all these lovely pieces!  Have a look at what I was able to create in 2014 using many, many pieces I already owned!

Naturally, I was not able to narrow it down to just one favorite look each month, so there will be a part II. Whatever.

Gypsy Queen

Out in the Field

My Favorite Neon Sign

The Story is in the Soil

Train Under Water


She Talks to Rainbows

Witchy Woman

Cedar Lane

Dancing in the Rain

Did you have any favorite looks you created this year? Please tell me about them! Part II will be here soon!

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