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Only if For a Night

You've all been waiting in suspense for part II, right? Or maybe not. Either way, let's say I was pretty darn proud of some of the things I came up with this year. Next week, or maybe even Friday, I hope to round up my favorite 2014 photos too. A little late never hurt anyone.

Holy smokes you guys, I am realizing I definitely had more fun summer outfits to share than fall/winter, and that makes me sad. I love fall and winter, yet even without snow it has been just so. Dang. Cold. I feel like my fingers are going to break off. Nonetheless though, I am going to be figuring something out soon for these winter styles. I have really wanted to share many cute outfits with you, but it's hard when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Nonetheless, I promise new stuff this week.

We are Nowhere and It's Now

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Slow It Down

Celebrity Skin

The Aha Factor

Stay Gold

She Talks to Angels



Rock n Roll

What was your favorite style in 2014? Did you let your feminine self fly with lace, or did you keep it real with tomboy ripped jeans and trusty sneakers? I honestly found myself all over the place. Whatever your preferred style, let me know! Cheers to 2015 guys!
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