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From Back to Basics
I've been meaning to do for a while. As a nice reminder that no one is perfect, no, not even beautiful bloggers like me (ahem), I've decided to share some of my worst photos. Yeah, you read that right. I've always loved when other blogger shared the worst bits of their shoots because it makes me us all feel more human. See original post in the link below each picture. I'll start with my early DSLR Back to Basics post.Was I trying to look sexy? No clue. Whatever it was, that is definitely not a sexy picture...

Review: Everlane Cotton Slub Tank

Oh, my Everlane post. Still love the tank, the post not so much. I was still learning how to use my Nikon. Now that post is somehow my most popular post, probably because no one else reviewed this tank. Thanks, Google, hah.
What to Wear When You Just Need Solitude
Oh, the time I tried to be a poet because I wanted something to go with a pretty picture. Did I die from trying so hard?
How to Wear a Cloche Hat, Part II

The Mexican Blanket was already a no... before I got photobombed by other park goers.
Purple Fields Forever

The heck is this face?
Are You a City Girl or a Country Girl?
I think I was trying to get a jumping picture. ..
How to Wear Pigtails Without Looking Childish
Again, the jumping. Just what is this face? What am I so scared of?

Welcome Fall into My World

OMG, like look how carefree I am! Totally don't look surprise pregnant.

How to Transform Feminine, Bohemian Pieces into a Grunge Look

Thinking really hard about how dumb this face is. LOL!

So that's all there really is to this post. I'll probably do another one of all my fall/winter gems in the spring. Good lord knows there will be some. Thanks for laughing with me, at me, or both! I think it's important to share the worst along with the best sometimes... keeps us humble, reminds us that we are merely human, and, I think, it makes others feel better to know that everyone has bad moments. In this world of perfect Instagram snaps, it's easy to forget sometimes that there is a whole lotta imperfection before we reach any semblance of perfect.

What do you think? Would you ever share a ridiculous moment online?

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